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AmeriCan Multifamily Alliance Group is a Multifamily Acquisition Company specializing in medium to large size properties. Our Team of Professionals has a long track record of success in the multifamily sector. AmeriCan Multifamily Alliance Group owners have bought, sold, managed, rehabbed, and built hundreds of units over the past 20 years.

We currently own and self-manage the following properties in the Dallas, TX market. We plan to double our market share in the next 24 months: The following projects were purchased in distress and currently operate as stabilized projects with our ownership:

  • Bella Vista Park Apartments Consisting of 158 units
  • Bella Vista Pointe Apartments consisting of 188 units
  • Bella Cista Creek Apartments consisting of 272 units
  • Bella Vista Sol Aparments consisting of 200 units

As Owners we are "Actively involved" in every multifamily deal we're involved in, ensuring our high level of experience and commitment is at the helm of every deal.

Our Company Business model is as follows:

  • Buy Bank owned Multifamily properties in distress
  • Bring in our self-management and proprietary marketing
  • Perform all needed repairs and upgrades to the property with our in house skilled professionals
  • Increase occupancy and stabilize property in accordance with Fannie Mae lending guidelines
  • Create a sense of community for our residents
  • Refinance property once stabilized and receive most of the initial money invested
  • Investors receive a return of their investment on a pro rata basis
  • Investors remain equity owners and have first option for the next investment

If you would like to review or our Business Plan please make a request via telephone, email, or schedule a personal meeting. We'll be happy to provide you with a copy and answer any questions you have. Contact Us for more information.