AmeriCan Multifamily Alliance Group has a window of opportunity open to accredited investors to invest in cash flowing, value-add, impact opportunities in Texas through AMAG Opportunity Fund I LP.

The minimum investment required is $100,000. US.

Deal Structure: 

  • 80% Limited Partner Investors / 20% General Partners
  • 7% Preferred Return to LP Investors
  • Upon refinance and/or sale, all funds received go to pay back LP Investors on their original equity first.
  • Investment Waterfall: Initial equity returned, 7% Pref paid, 80/20 split favoring LP Investor until a 12% IRR is received. 12-18% IRR is 70/30. 18%+ is a 60/40 split. Upon the sale of the property, LP Investors receive the balance of their original investment and the 7% preferred return prior to distribution of profit. 

Current Opportunity that will be part of AMAG Opportunity Fund I LP: 

  • Located in Dallas, TX 
  • Projected 19.77% Net IRR – For LP Investors 
  • Projected 1.96x Equity Multiple for LP Investors 
  • Projected 8.79% Cash on Cash for LP Investors 

*** Schedule a 15-minute Discovery Call to find out more! Space is limited in this fund. 

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