“Our relationship with Madeleine goes back about 15 years. We met Madeleine through Real Estate Investment Network when we started to invest in real estate and managed our own rental properties. Madeleine was always enthusiastic about real estate and worked really hard to accomplish her goals. She earned our respect and admiration for her “Can Do??? attitude and strong work ethic. About 10 years ago, we successfully purchased three real estate transactions through Madeleine. When the opportunity came to invest in Madeleine’s multi-housing projects in Texas, it was our trust in Madeleine’s abilities and clear vision presented for these projects, that were the deciding factors for us to invest in these projects. We are happy with the progress made with these projects – the improvements of day-to-day operations allowed property refinancing with returns that were above our expectations. We are looking forward to successful and profitable completion of these projects.”


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