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AmeriCan MultiFamily Alliance Group

We are impact investors; we take over underperforming multifamily assets and we create property value.  It’s so important that we self-manage these properties because as owners we can ensure that these properties are making a profit.  

We raise capital from investors who understand the advantage of investing in multifamily assets as well as making a positive social change.

Why Choose Multifamily Investments with AmeriCan Multifamily Alliance Group?


Real estate is less volatile and has historically outperformed the S&P 500.

Cash Flow

Residents pay monthly rent which covers expenses and provides profit to the owners.

Impact Investing

Profits with a purpose through our positive social and environmental impact programs.


We purchase under-performing assets and increase value through our proven value add business model.

Recycle Your Money

Through our proven value add business model, we refinance to pay investors back their original capital to enable them to invest in more opportunities with the same capital.


We can leverage real estate, allowing for the purchase of $100M in assets with only $25M.


Real estate appreciates in value.

Economies of Scale

It is much more efficient to have all apartment units located in one community that is monitored daily by our onsite team.


Self-managing allows us to increase profits, lower risks, follow through with our value-add proven strategy and drive our mission of creating a positive social and environmental impact deep within the organization.

AmeriCan Multifamily Investors

“Patrick and Madeleine put one hundred and ten percent into what they do. They were born to do this. They just have this ability to tell when the time is right to sell.”

Why Invest With Us?

You Invest

We Value Add

Implement Impact Plan

We Refinance

We collect Rent

We Sell

You Get Paid


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