AmeriCan Multifamily Alliance Group is a private real estate investment company that has demonstrated consistent success with its unique business model.
Founded in 2011 as an opportunistic real estate company, AmeriCan has evolved into a laser-focused organization with a track record of successful proven value-add investments.
AmeriCan, which has offices in Dallas, Texas and Calgary, Alberta, strives to optimize investor returns while making a positive impact on the communities in which it operates. The company does so by adhering strictly to its core strategy:

  • Identify and purchase multifamily properties that match the company’s stringent, value-driven criteria.
  • Use extensive experience operating in the U.S. to leverage relationships and to ensure that ideal properties are acquired.
  • Self-manage the properties to ensure that AmeriCan’s business model is executed.
  • Establish cash-flowing investments that reward investors with regular dividends and long-term growth.
  • Create a Positive Social Impact (PSI) using a focused tenant-centered approach.
  • Create a Positive Environmental Impact (PEI) through conservation and sustainability programs.
  • Refinance projects to give investors the opportunity to realize substantial gains in a relatively short timeframe.
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