Positive Social Impact

AmeriCan Multifamily Alliance Group is on a mission to create a Positive Social Impact within our communities. We purchase C class assets which often house families who are lower income and have suffered very difficult lives. We focus on two community events per month which include Holiday Parties with gifts for the children, Turkey Dinner for Thanksgiving, Halloween Haunted Houses, Back to School Hair Cuts and Back Packs with BBQ and Bounce Houses, Outdoor Movie Parties, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Events to honor the parents, Valentines Parties… the list goes on and on. We also implement learning and health opportunities such as personal growth libraries, zumba classes, self defence, parenting classes, and children’s dance classes. We provide free after school programs, soccer competitions between communities, swimming lessons, all day summer programs and tutoring. We focus on new amenities that will bring the community together such as installing grilling areas, soccer fields and playgrounds.

Together with our teams, we brainstorm every month to bring meaningful, loving events to the communities that impact as many people and age groups as possible. All communities enjoy the same events on the same dates. One of our key hiring criteria is if the new team member is passionate about playing a strong role in creating a Positive Social Impact within the community… INVESTMENT WITH IMPACT.



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